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News from the Haselünne angling club

Renaturation of the Lotter Beeke

After the renaturation, a fish kill took place two days later in the Lotter Beeke due to the fire of a horse farm in Wettrup.

We and the committed members of the angling club were very disappointed at the time that the great work for the rare fish that still occur in the wild (river lamprey, 3 and 9 spined stickleback, stone crab, brook loach, as well as various snail species) had come to an abrupt end.

A few weeks ago, however, Dr. Salva (biologist at the Weser-Ems Regional Sports Fishermen’s Association) got in touch. He was happy to report that he could observe river lampreys spawning (egg laying and fertilisation) on the gravel banks created at that time.

Laichbetten im Kies

Andreas Stümpler, 1st chairman of the angling club, went there immediately after the call and was able to recognise the spawning beds in the gravel. These are places that are cleaned by the fish in the gravel to lay their eggs (light spots in the gravel can be seen).

We are very happy about the positive progress and are looking forward to the next report.

The winners have been chosen!

Thanks to all participants!

We received more than 20 applications and were very pleased with every single one. There are many great projects, 14 of which come from the districts of Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim alone. Projects from Schleswig-Holstein and even the Amazon region in Peru also applied.

With the donations, we want to support three volunteer projects, that primarily protect the environment and nature and have a sustainable effect.

We are pleased that participants whose projects were not in the top three winners are nevertheless implementing them and contributing to the protection of the environment and endangered species.

1. Place - Angling club in Haselünne

First place goesto the Haselünne angling club.

The association will receive 8,000 Euro for the renaturation of the small river “Lotter Beeke”. “You have been doing valuable work there for 35 years in nature and species protection,” says Bernd Esders. The association makes a great contribution to water protection so that water bodies can fulfil their important function as drinking water suppliers, flood control reservoirs and recreational areas.

In addition, two new gravel layers with 200 tonnes of gravel as spawning and habitat are planned for next year. This will provide new habitat for fish such as stickleback as well as larvae and snails.

A trout and barbel settlement are planned for the future.

2. Place - Marianum for future

Second place, and thus 5,000 Euro, goes to the seminar subject “Marianum for future” of the twelfth grade of the Gymnasium Marianum Meppen.

The school’s activities are varied and range from green electricity to school beekeeping, a greenhouse and an orchard. A nature hedge is now also planned. Another project of the students is the “too good to go” app. Food markets, restaurants and bakeries can offer their products at lower prices before closing time, before they end up in the rubbish.

3. Place - Land Unter e.V.

Third place, endowed with 2,000 Euro, goes to the nature conservation project “Land Unter e.V.” from Meppen.

It is a large-scale project for species and nature conservation with a special vision for the cultural landscape of the Emsland. The 140 members perform almost 600 hours of work a year, all on a voluntary basis, for example the care and breeding of the Bentheimer Land sheep and the Dutch country goats. In total, the association contributes to the preservation of 95 animal and plant species on the Red List.

Bernd and Martin Esders with all winners of the future award 2019

To mark our 30th anniversary, we would like to award voluntary and civic commitment with our Esders Future Award.

The aim is to do something for our environment and our future:

  • Conserving finite resources
  • Promoting renewable energies
  • Preserve biodiversity and natural habitats

We want to raise awareness and make a long-term contribution to tackling the challenges of the future – so that others also become more active. To support great projects, we are donating a prize worth a total of € 15,000.

We want to support three projects or campaigns by private individuals and associations or societies with a monetary donation that particularly protect the environment or are sustainable and have been selected by a jury.

Blume pflanzen
Hummel Blume


Possible applicant groups for participation in the competition are e.g:

  • Clubs
  • Study groups
  • Neighbourhood initiatives
  • Hunting rings
  • Farmers
  • Private individuals
  • Kindergartens
  • Schools

Introduce your group or similar to us briefly in written form, also with previous projects.  Explain your project to us in which the prize money would flow into, on a maximum of two A4 pages and send us all documents  by post or by email as a PDF format.

Closing date: 15.10.2019


The jury brings together experts from nature conservation, landscape conservation and non-profit organizations :

Prof. Dr. Michael Rode
Institute for Environmental Planning of Leibniz Universität Hannover and Deputy Chairman of the Lower Saxony Regional Association of the Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany – BUND

Hermann-Josef Mammes
Regional Editor Emsland of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

Helmut Blauth
Dipl. Agrar-Ingenieur, member of the board of the Landesjägerschaft Niedersachsen e. V. and head of the social home and workshop Gut Dauelsberg with integrated agricultural business

Jan Westerhoff
Deputy State Chairman Federation of the Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) Landesverband Niedersachsen e. V..

Bernd and Martin Esders
Managing Director of Esders GmbH

Prof. Dr. Michael Rode

“Effective climate protection, preservation of biodiversity and the preservation of an intact nature and environment are central goals of BUND and central contents of my university work. This is exactly what the Future Award of Esders is aimed at. I am pleased to be able to support this concern as a member of the jury for the Future Award.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Rode

Hermann-Josef Mammes

“As a journalist for the region, I have often been able to report on forward-looking environmental projects. I would be delighted if Esders’ idea of honoring such initiatives with a Future Award could be imitated by others.”

Hermann-Josef Mammes

Helmut Blauth

“At Gut Dauelsberg we live the compatibility of commercial agriculture and social and ecological sustainability. Among other things, we work with intensive crop rotation, plenty of grassland, flowering areas and hedgerows. This is also the philosophy behind Esders’ Future Award, which is why I am happy to serve as a member of the jury.”

Helmut Blauth

Jan Westerhoff

“The Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder pursues the goal of empowering young and old to take initiative and participate democratically. We would like to encourage children and young people to form their own opinions on social questions and to help shape the future through social and ecological commitment. The Future Award of the Esders GmbH offers great opportunities for this. That’s why I like being part of the jury.”

Jan Westerhoff

Bernd und Martin Esders

“Companies have a variety of obligations: On the one hand, they have obligations to their employees and their families, and on the other hand to the location and its social environment. But also, and some people forget this, towards the future. These are our children and for them, too, we must create a basis for a future worth living. That is our nature and ultimately the air for life.”

Bernd und Martin Esders


Altogether there are three prizes, which will then flow into different projects:

1st prize: 8,000 EUR
2nd prize: 5,000 EUR
3rd prize: 2,000 EUR

A selected jury will sit down after the closing date for entries on 15.10.2019 and evaluate the projects.

We are looking forward to different project proposals for a better future!

Legal recourse is excluded.


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