Environmentally friendly packaging & production

With our products and system solutions, we have been contributing to the safety and conservation of our resources for over 30 years. Every idea for a better environmental balance, no matter how small, is worth considering. This is how we have made our packaging and shipping department more sustainable and found great potential.

Today, we can dispense with 95% of foils and plastic in shipping and packaging. We have switched to recyclable paper options as much as possible. We have replaced the bubble wrap with a 100% paper solution and our cardboard boxes are now glued with paper tape. Without fibre reinforcement in the adhesive tape, our cardboard boxes can be reused or recycled.

Eco-friendly alternatives for packaging

The only areas where we are not yet able to convert are the bags for equipment parts with lubricating greases or oils, and our strapping machine for heavier packages. Unfortunately, there is still no cost-effective alternative for us.

The most environmentally friendly packaging is the one for which nothing new has to be produced.

In turn, we try to reuse as much material from incoming goods as possible, which has reduced our material requirements for deliveries by around 1/3.

Disposal & Recycling

Anything, that we unfortunately cannot reuse because it is too damaged or made of foil, we give away in cleaned form for recycling.
In this way, we actively take responsibility for reducing our ecological footprint.

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